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I am an admitted Wheel Junkie, and have had always had a set or two of BBS wheels sitting around.
LM's, RN's, RA's, RS's, RM's, and OEM BMW BBS wheels as well.
From time to time,
I run out of room and have to pass a set on to its next owner.

BBS RS and LM in 17"

All BBS wheels are sold at this time.

I'm currently refurbishing the set of BBS RS212's seen above, which will be a spare set of wheels for the M3.

some previously sold BBS wheels shown on our customer's cars:

Gold 17" BBS LM on E30 M3:
BBS LM sold to an enthusiast back home in the Philippines.

Silver 17" BBS RN on E24 6-series:
BBS RN sold to an enthusiast in Indiana

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